Video Footage

Video Footage


The video clips that are displayed are a variety of incidents and accidents that have been recorded by the IT 1000 3G vehicle camera. In the event of a high incident or accident our customers are notified via email immediately, and within minutes will be able to view an HD quality video supported by detailed telemetry data. You will notice that the camera also picks up video footage of near misses, harsh breaking and events that are caused by other divers. Not only will the instant notification and video footage enable you to defend or deal with a claim quickly but a lot of the footage can and is used by our customers as part of their driver training programs.

Camera Footage Shows Reckless Driving Seconds From Disaster 

A car was just seconds from disaster when it dangerously cut in front of a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) on the A4146, near Milton Keynes Village in Buckinghamshire. A 3G camera from Intelligent Telematics captured the exact moment when the driver of the Ford Focus recklessly attempts to make an illegal left turn from the outside lane of the road down the wrong way of a slip lane, missing the commercial vehicle by a matter of centimeters.

Reckless BMW Driver

Reckless and dangerous overtaking, the vehicle with camera installed has to break suddenly in order to avoid crashing into the BMW.

Deliberate Breaking

Tailgating, road rage and deliberate braking are often the cause of serious incidents and accidents this video footage is a prime example.

Car Cutting In Front of Lorry

Other vehicles that are often in a hurry or perhaps have an impatient driver at the wheel often make irrational and dangerous manoeuvres  and this is clearly demonstrated with this video footage.

Harsh Breaking at Junction

Not paying attention at junctions or roundabouts is a common cause of accidents or incidents. Whilst the driver avoided a collision harsh braking such as this causes wear and tear and can often spoil the load.

Crash In Wet

The weather can often cause problems for drivers particular if it’s raining hard. In the incident that heavy rain has created a lot of surplus water and has caused the vehicle to aquaplane on the motorway.

Lorry Hitting Stalled Driver at Lights

Whilst this may not seem like a serious accident if our customer did not have a camera installed there is a high possibility that they would have been accused of causing this accident.



The video footage contained within this website is not the sole property of Intelligent Telematics.  The video footage serves to offer a visual presentation and representation of the typical evidence and images that can be captured with  vehicle safety cameras.  Whilst we have ensured to the best of our knowledge correct  commentary on the footage, we cannot offer details on any insurance claim outcome.  The commentary and views expressed with the video footage is that of Intelligent Telematics.